Due to the rising cost of goods and inflation we have been forced to raise our prices as of Sept 1st, 2023.

Hello Welcome to Dcanes, formally known as the Bob Riley Cane.

We take pride in making a quality wrapped fiberglass straight long white cane that are affordable. Our canes are painted with a reflective white paint.

Our canes are flexible and return to original state. All canes come with a metal gliding tip and a bungee to hang the cane.

Our canes are Not a support cane. They are designed to be a tool for the blind/visually impaired as a mobility cane.

The sizes and canes we offer range from 53″ – 65″ for $22.50 and 67″-71″ for $25.50 all in odd sizes.

To order canes or if you have any inquires click the contact icon in the top right corner or click on the email link directly below and please include name, address, length of, and quantity.


We look forward in assisting you.